Rage Against the Machine 9/12/97


Two great concerts within a month at the Gorge? Yep. Rage Against the Machine in their heyday a little more than a year after Evil Empire was released. I had heard Rage Against the Machine once again through Claude. His sister turned him onto them right about the time “Freedom” was getting airplay. By now we were used to the Gorge pretty well only this time as we approached the parking lot we passed about 10 huge news crew trucks to the side of the road. The reason why is because the sheriff of Grant County thought there were going to be riots and a general trashing of the place. We had both cars parked side by side and one person stood on the bottom door sill to watch for cops while the rest of us were drinking beer. There was a greater police force roaming the isles of the parking lot than ever before. At one point a huge military plane also flew over us, which to this day was also the only time I’ve seen any plane while at the Gorge. I remember going crazy at the front of the stage when Rage opened with “Fuck Tha Police.” The most memorable thing about this show is that the whole floor seemed to turn into a big pogo stick for pretty much the entire show. The show went on without any issue but somehow I lost the ticket stub to this concert, which is why the ticket looks photocopied from a friend (it is).




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