Oleander 10/30/99


The Crystal Ballroom is a very cool place to see a concert because the floor is the only sprung or “floating” floor in the United States and the sound is decent. It is in a building run by McMenamins in downtown Portland that consists of 4 floors. McMenamins owns several bars in Portland and a few in Seattle that feature beers they brew themselves that are flat out delicious. The Paranormal Party is something that KUFO put on every year either near or on Halloween. Oleander played this year. I decided to go because I liked Oleander and I wanted to meet people. I dressed in my devil priest costume (see picture) because I thought and still do think it’s funny. One highlight for me was being pulled into the ladies restroom. The girl who pulled me in apparently thought I would be someone her friend would like but instead the friend looked at me and said, “that’s disgusting.” Hopefully she was referring to my costume… I met another girl in the bar downstairs and ended up hanging out with her for a while until I saw a cougar dressed in a skintight pleather mini-dress I couldn’t resist. The first girl got kind of upset with me when she realized I was hanging out with my new slutty looking friend. I ended up going home with her but nothing really happened. Oleander put on a good show but obviously on this night my mind was on beer and girls.



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