Ministry 8/20/99


I started liking Ministry thanks to Claude because of the album Psalm 69. We made the trip to Seattle again to see Ministry for the first time. This was also my first experience at the Paramount Theatre. We stayed with T-Bone and I remember that me and Claude got super stoned and were running a little late and then halfway to the venue Claude realized he forgot his ticket! All worked out well and we rocked the fuck out in the floor section of the Paramount. Ministry was on tour for Dark Side of the Spoon, which had come out a few months prior.

Besides this show I still couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with myself. I had missed the deadline to get into any school for the fall and since I still couldn’t get a full time job in the Tri-Cities I decided to move. I didn’t know where I wanted to move but knew that I had to leave the Tri-Cities. I was a big fish in a little pond and it was just too conservative for me. About the time of this show I had all but decided to sell everything I own and move to NYC and then got a little freaked out at the last minute about the possibility of being that far away from everything I’d ever known without a cent to my name. The idea was that the modeling agency was going to put me up in an apartment with other guys working for the agency. All I had to do was get there and presumably work. Ultimately I decided against it mostly because the agency had only been around for about 6 months and the risk/reward equation didn’t seem to add up. About a year later I ended up finding out that the agency went out of business shortly after this but it’s still fun to pose the question “what if?”



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