Marilyn Manson 1/5/01


I have only dropped LSD three times since proclaiming that I would never drop acid again after the life-changing Tool concert at the Gorge. This show was one of those times. Ross made the drive from the Tri-Cities to go to the show with Lucinda and I. This show occurred on Manson’s 32nd birthday, which was also the day he met future wife Dita von Teese. They were on tour for the album Holy Wood, the third and final album of a trilogy along with Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals. Remember me mentioning how CD burning was still a new phenomenon? Well I received most of the album in the mail about a month before it hit store shelves courtesy of Marvin! All 3 of us were on acid and were peaking the whole time the band played. Classic theatrics from the whole band ensued. It was definitely a different experience than I had at this venue about a year earlier with the same crew watching Chris Cornell…

SETLIST: Count To Six & Die, Irresponsible Hate Anthem, The Death Song, Disposable Teens, Great Big White World, Tourniquet, The Fight Song, My Monkey, Lunchbox, Rock Is Dead ,The Dope Show, Cruci-Fiction In Space, Sweet Dreams (Hell Outro), Burning Flag, Valentine’s Day, The Reflecting God, The Love Song, The Beautiful People



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