Filter 9/9/95


The now defunct DV8 was not a big place. Jack had got me into Filter after he had bought Short Bus based on liking “Hey Man Nice Shot.” I was excited because it was another chance to visit Seattle. Me, Marvin, Ryno, Jack, and Jason all went up and again stayed with our friend T-Bone. We had quite a few beers before going into this show and therefore were ready to be rowdy. Everclear opened up for Filter. This was to support their album Sparkle and Fade but the single “Santa Monica” that would propel them to heavy rotation hadn’t yet been released. They rocked very, very hard that night and the energy translation in a place that small was pretty incredible. After they were done with their set Art Alexakis was hanging out in the crowd and Ryno went up to him and was kind of an asshole. He presented his ticket stub to him and asked for an autograph but “on the back so the Filter guy can sign the front.” What a douche. Next up was Filter. If you are a Filter fan you can only imagine the delight of hearing most of the entire first album played to you live in a small place. A delight and reality for us.


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