Corrosion of Conformity 12/4/00


By this time I had recently rekindled my friendship with Jack (the roommate who owed me money), partially because he finally paid me back. It was just me and him at this show. We shared a liking of both Clutch and C.O.C. I don’t remember the other bands probably because we were both drinking pretty heavily in preparation of the two bands we actually went to see. Clutch was on tour for Jam Room but I hadn’t yet heard it. Claude is once again responsible for me ever hearing of Clutch. He gave me their first album and by the time the self titled album came out all my friends were loving it. It was when Clutch came on that I lost Jack, which is no small feat in a place of this size. I first heard Corrosion of Conformity by way of the song “Albatross” that was on a sampler CD given to me with a pair of Airwalk shoes that I purchased. This lead me to buy the Deliverance album and later Wiseblood but they were touring for the album America’s Volume Dealer that had just been released about a month prior to this show. By the end of the show I was all rocked out and still couldn’t find Jack. It turns out he lost a shoe in the mosh pit and stumbled his way onto the MAX (public transportation in Portland). He said he felt like a bum walking around downtown with only one shoe and since it is Portland we’re talking about of course it was raining. Then he got lost on the MAX because he had only been in Portland a few short weeks…



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