Chris Cornell 2/4/00


So Soundgarden had broken up but I was happy to have anything new from the voice of that band, Chris Cornell. He had just released his first solo album Euphoria Morning a few months prior to this show. It was a memorable concert for me because it was the first time I had been to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and it was the first concert I attended with Lucinda. Since the last concert Lucinda told me that she couldn’t be with me but about a week later after going back to her ex-boyfriend decided that we were going to be together. My friend Ross also went with us. The funny part is that I decided we were going to dress up for this concert because of the place where it was held. I wore a charcoal pinstriped suit with a black shirt and silver tie while Lucinda looked absolutely stunning in a silver dress. We looked very out of place once we got there and it probably didn’t help that we were completely stoned out of our minds but we were in love so everyone else be damned. It all seemed very formal because of the whole place being filled with seats. I think Chris Cornell felt strange after awhile because he encouraged people to get out of their seats and come down to the front of the stage. He played pretty much all of Euphoria Morning and am pretty sure he left out any trace of Soundgarden except for maybe “Like Suicide.”




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