Big Stink 5 8/6/00


I’m pretty sure it was just Lucinda and I that attended this one. This wasn’t the greatest of lineups for me but there were enough bands to spark my interest. Jimmie’s Chicken Shack was pretty good for the second time seeing them. 3 Doors Down was reeling from their hit “Superman” and save for that song were pretty disappointing. I remember at one point the power flickered and they had to start whatever song they were playing over again. Papa Roach was definitely the surprise of the day. I’m not that big of a fan but the guitar player won me over with his amazing playing. Just like the previous concert I was really here to see just one band, Deftones. This was the fifth time seeing them but this was special because they had just released White Pony less than 2 months before this show and consequently played a number of songs from the album. I believe this was the first show I ever saw Chino strap on a guitar. I remember it was during Change (In The House Of Flies) and he had a beautiful natural brown colored Gibson SG. Besides that they just flat out rocked and I didn’t leave the show unsatisfied. Thankfully this was the last time I ever saw a concert at the Portland Meadows. It probably took a good 2 to 3 days to blow all the dust out of my nose!



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