Big Stink 4 8/8/99


Remember that other rock station in Portland I told you about? This was their summer rock festival. This was my second concert at the Portland Meadows and me and Ross drove up from Kennewick. The first band that I wanted to see was Zebrahead. I liked them based on their album Waste of Mind. They played on the second stage and with a very high amount of energy. They touted themselves as “mutherfuckinzebraheadbitch” which was also pretty damn funny. I distinctly remember using the time that Blink 182 was on to get food and chill since I didn’t and still don’t give a shit about them.  After them we were on to the highlight of the show for me, Orgy. They are the darkest band I have ever seen in the daylight. They just had a very powerful stage presence. They were on tour for their debut album Candyass and this turned out to be the only time I saw them which sucks because I like their unreleased-at-the-time next album Vapor Transmission even better. The next band I wanted to see was Oleander. I started liking them thanks to their song “Why I’m Here.” They were on tour for their first album February Son and they rocked. After they were done the next band up were hometown boys Everclear. This was the second time I saw them but the first since they became huge MTV staples. I think they put on an extra special show since they were in Portland or maybe the stars just aligned but they put on a great show. The headlining band was Deftones. This was the fourth time I saw them and they were only getting better every time I saw them. You have to give them credit for touring their ass off and they still were for Around the Fur.

An interesting sidenote of this show was that I was approached by John Casablancas’ people about modeling. I was semi-interested because I knew that the possibility of travel existed and getting paid for hanging around with attractive women didn’t sound that bad either. The truth is that I had already began to think about this as a viable possibility based on things several people had told me in the past as well as the fact that I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do with my life. It’s not that I’m incredible to look at, it’s just that my body type fits the mold and I don’t look like everybody else. This summer I had taken pictures and sent them off to modeling agencies in New York and Los Angeles. I heard back from 2 of the agencies that I sent pictures to, one in NY and one in L.A.


2 thoughts on “Big Stink 4 8/8/99

  1. Thanks for putting this stuff up, I am trying to jog my memory of the bands I have seen. When you go to big festivals like this you forget. I went to Big Stink 4 and Rockfest in 2001.


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